Have some suggestions for the reunion committee for the 50th reunion. Let us know how we can make the next reunion the best ever!  Or if you just want to leave a message for the class. 
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Deby Novitz
Posted on the 2022-06-01 at 20:00
Hey.  I would really like to come to the reunion, but the costs to come from Argentina for 4 days are more than my 2 week trip to France.   I guess that´s what I get for living at the end of the world.  I hope you guys have lots of fun, and if you ever come to Buenos Aires, let me know.
Phil Skinner
Posted on the 2022-05-01 at 20:00
Greetings to all.  Looking forward to seeing everyone.  The more the merrier!  If you are on the fence about attending get off and attend.  Best to all, Phil
david banks
Posted on the 2019-08-18 at 20:00
great evening at 45th ,good seeing everyone. thanks to all 
Don Clifford
Posted on the 2016-08-04 at 20:00
This will be the first one for me. It's been a long time since I have seen anyone. 
Michael Ginsburg
Posted on the 2016-08-04 at 20:00
Hi Everyone, I'm sorry to say that i am unable to make it back to Michigan for the 45th reunion.  If you ever find yourself in, or around, St. Louis..... please give me a holler.  I want to thank Mark and the rest of the crew for presenting this wonderful event.  I'm sure you will have a great time!!  Hoping to see the entire class at the 50th reunion!! See y'all there!! Michael Ginsburg, DDS email:
Steve Schneider
Posted on the 2016-07-25 at 20:00
Hi Everyone!   Unfortunately, I'm going to be missing this one :(  Randee and I will be attending a relative's wedding in Block Island, RI that day, and going to Boston afterward (first-time there!)...this will be the first S-L "official" reunion that I'm, you're guaranteed to have a great time!! Many thanks to our wonderful reunion committee for organizing the 45th.   Life is good, and I hope we all meet again at the 30th anniversary of our 20th reunion! (if not, sooner!)
Deby Novitz
Posted on the 2016-07-07 at 20:00
Hi Everyone, I am so sorry that I will miss this reunion.  I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina and our seasons are opposite of the USA.   Our winter holidays are in July not August, and I was not able to get the time off.  I hope you all have a wonderful time, and if you ever come to Argentina, look me up. See you at the 50th
Sandy Yangouyian
Posted on the 2016-07-07 at 20:00
Hi SL Classmates,
I am looking forward to seeing all of you at the Peking House!
Many thanks to the reunion organizers!
Sue (Baker) Miller
Posted on the 2016-07-03 at 20:00
Hope a lot of people come.  Gary and I moved to Tennessee last year and we are coming back for the reunion.  See ya'll then.
Karyn Figlen Schorr
Posted on the 2016-06-05 at 20:00
So excited to see everyone this our 5th reunion!!!! So glad we are not waiting till 50!  Thanks everyone who is responsible for doing this!!!  
Gail Kassin (Whitson)
Posted on the 2016-05-12 at 20:00
WOW, 40 years? I don't feel that old. Thanks to our wonderful Reunion Commitee. I can't tell you how many other classes, I've heard, don't have reunions. I've been to every one of ours and had a BLAST seeing you all again. See you again soon.
Rhona Barnett Gorosh
Posted on the 2016-04-07 at 20:00
I am excited to see everyone for our 45th reunion.  How nice of Mark and the committee to spend so much time making this celebration special.  
Morry Bornstein
Posted on the 2016-03-13 at 20:00
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in August for our 45th Reunion! Many thanks to Mark Luria as always for putting this event together.
Tina Friedman
Posted on the 2016-03-13 at 20:00
Can't wait to see everyone this summer.
chuck safilian
Posted on the 2012-12-23 at 19:00
 Wow, I\'m on the missing list.
Tom Grossi
Posted on the 2011-08-03 at 20:00
Outstanding Reunion! The committee did a superb job.

Thanks to all.
Michael Ginsburg
Posted on the 2011-07-22 at 20:00
Hi everyone!  I can\'t wait to see you all at the reunion. I\'ve been living in Missouri for the past 7 years. It will certainly be nice to return home and be amongst old friends and familiar faces. Let\'s all have a great time! 
Morry Bornstein
Posted on the 2011-07-22 at 20:00
I am so sorry that I won\'t be able to attend due to a conflict with a family event, but I extend my very best wishes to our Class of \'71.  I know the reunion will be great!  Sincerely, Morry Bornstein
Karen Droz
Posted on the 2011-07-15 at 20:00
I can\'t believe forty years have come and gone. I have many fond memories of our days at SL and look forward to seeing everyone at the reunion. Thanks to those who organized the event. See you all soon.

Lynn Fox
Posted on the 2011-07-15 at 20:00
Hi Everyone.....It will be nice to see everyone at the reunion.Looking forward to coming! 
Mark Trubowitz
Posted on the 2011-07-14 at 20:00
Looking forward to seeing everyone and catching up.  Can\'t believe it has been 40 years! 

I have been in Denver, Colorado for the past 30 years.  Came to the University of Colorado to train as a psychiatrist and met my wife who was in dental school at the time.  Married to Pamela Gates for 28 years.  My son Brian is 21 and my daughter Joelle is 15.

Fond memories of friends and teachers at SL!

Mark (aka "Trubie")

sue baker miller
Posted on the 2011-07-14 at 20:00
haven\'t missed a single one and I won\'t miss this one.  See you all then
Robert Rotman
Posted on the 2011-07-14 at 20:00
It\'s been at least 30 years since I\'ve seen most of you!  I bet we haven\'t changed a bit!  

Thanks to the organizing committee for making this happen and to whoever it was that tracked me down and got me on the mailing list.
Eileen Fantich (Nelson)
Posted on the 2011-06-10 at 20:00

Eileen Fantich (Nelson)
Looking forward to the reunion. Thanks for putting this together.

Tim Lachowski
Posted on the 2011-06-06 at 20:00
 I\'ve been an advertising art director and writer for 33 years.   Now I\'m a contributing cartoonist for Harvard Business Review, Barrons, Reader\'s Digest, Sat. Eve Post.    These days my full-time effort is 24/7 caretaker as my wife, Cyndy while she takes on Leukemia through U of M Hospital.  We\'re absolutely confident she\'ll kick it.    
Steve Moorin
Posted on the 2011-04-17 at 20:00
Sounds like a great opportunity to catch up with old friends and meet new. I really enjoyed the 20th and I assure you I look just as good (smile).  Unfortunatly I have travel pans for the dates. I know it will be a great success.

Stay in touch.

Renee Solomon
Posted on the 2011-04-17 at 20:00
I haven\'t been back since the 20th Reunion....can\'t wait to see everyone again. I\'m coming in from New Hampshire - great seafood out here!
Thanks for putting this together!
maurice bonilla
Posted on the 2011-04-08 at 20:00
 I am excited to see my high school classmates. This should be a fantastic night.  Mark, thank you so much as i know you have put a lot of effort into this.  Maurice
Denise Shekerjian
Posted on the 2011-03-26 at 20:00
 Hi Guys. I\'m really looking forward to it. Thanks to the committee for such great organization. See you all soon. 
Deborah Kachadurian Zazaian
Posted on the 2011-03-22 at 20:00
Hi everyone! I am so looking forward to seeing all of you after all these years! If you can spread the word about the reunion to anyone you still see, please do so! We are hoping to get in touch with everyone! See you in about 4 months!Love, Kasha
Frank Harris
Posted on the 2011-02-22 at 19:00
Hello "Kids":I hope some of you remember me.  I taught Speech and Drama.  Many of you probably met me on the stage.  (and the gym before we had a stage)  Wish I could be there to say hello in person.  It would be fun to show you how well I\'ve aged.  lol  However, I am missing you by about two weeks.  Reunions are great fun.  I\'ll be at the S-L Theater reunion, July 9, for anybody who ever worked on a play in any fashion, especially between the years of 1971-76. "during the Frank - Pat years."  I am retired and live in Cathedral City, CA. 
Deby Novitz
Posted on the 2011-02-13 at 19:00
Sorry to miss it guys, but I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina and it is a long way to Michigan...and lots of pesos.  If you are ever in the barrio, stop in for a cup of coffee.  Besos from Buenos Aires.  (Sr. Muratsky would have been proud of me!  Hablo muy bien en Español.)
Nina Chaitin (Fligman)
Posted on the 2011-02-07 at 19:00
I would like to hear from S-L classmates. Who lives in Florida? Who is going to 40th reunion? Let me lear from you guys...
Dorothy Knuth (Longton)
Posted on the 2011-02-02 at 19:00
Looking forward this event!  It will be great to catch up with old friends.
Michael Ginsburg
Posted on the 2011-01-22 at 19:00

I can\'t believe it has been 40  years!!  feel free to contact me by email or by my cell  573-714-2525.  See you at the reunion!

Mark Goldstein
Posted on the 2011-01-21 at 19:00
I\'m looking forward to enjoying the company and bonding with my old classmates again...(outside of facebook that is)..haha.

sue baker miller
Posted on the 2011-01-15 at 19:00
the reunion for the class of 70 was unbelieveable.  Can\'t wait for this one.
John Marker
Posted on the 2011-01-03 at 19:00
Hey Mark,
Good idea to get going on this early like you\'re doing. Looking forward to seeing everybody!
Jo Dakin
Posted on the 2010-12-18 at 19:00
Thanks so much to the committee for all your hard work to pull this reunion together.  It doesn\'t feel like nine years since the last one!  Can\'t wait to see everyone.  Jo
Barbara Lazarus Rice
Posted on the 2010-12-18 at 19:00

Looking forward to a fun-filled week-end.  I am looking forward to seeing and reconnecting with all my S-L pals.

See you in July........

Barb Lazarus Rice

Linda Sandvik
Posted on the 2010-12-17 at 19:00

thanks to all your hard work... I am looking foward to coming next summer. 

Barbara( Heller) Burstein
Posted on the 2010-12-13 at 19:00
Thanks for putting this together.  Looking forward to seeing everyone
Posted on the 2010-11-30 at 19:00
Dr. Pamela BENYAS Reiter
Posted on the 2010-11-14 at 19:00
Looking forward to the reunion.
Thanks so much for doing this again so we out here in California have a chance to see all you Michiginas.
Michael Groen (Stevens)
Posted on the 2010-11-06 at 20:00
I look exactly like I did in 1971.

Hope to make it.

Best to you all,


gary burstein
Posted on the 2010-11-03 at 20:00
hi everyone, forty years aint nothin.
see you all at the eightieth.
thanx to all who are organizing the event.
best to all,gary
Phil Skinner
Posted on the 2010-10-22 at 20:00

To the Committee:

It was very nice of you to celebrate this 40th reunion on my birthday.  I recall that 3 or 4 other classmates have the same birthday as well, along with Arnold Scwharzeneger.  Like him, "I\'ll be back" - on July 30th, 2011, that is.  See y\'all then.

Phil (from Atlanta)

Sandy Yangouyian Manoogian
Posted on the 2010-06-27 at 20:00
Many thanks to our reunion committee!
Alan karlin
Posted on the 2010-06-27 at 20:00
I am looking forward to attending our 40 year reunion. I missed the last one. Hope to see everyone there. Alan