This page is dedicated to the memory of the teachers and staff of Southfield Lathrup, who were so dedicated to our learning, growing, and helping us become the unique person that we are today. These dedicated people live on in our hearts and memories.

Joe Dunham, Assistant Principal
Bob DiGiulio, Counselor
Pat Kennealy, Counselor
Judy Pennell, Counselor

John Constable, English
Johanna Eisenberg, English
Bob Longe, English
Bob McCay, English

Wil Muratzki, Language
Alice Stanley, Languag

Bob Harding, Social Science
Mitch Sherman, Social science

Joseph Haddad, Business

Doug Estland, Art

Ron Borzon, Math
Ann Cameron, Math
Jim Carr, Math
Bob Hetherington, Math
Vic Lind, Math

Darrell Harper, P.E.
Ed Litogot, P.E., AD

Pete Biglin, Science
Kris Skuratowicz-Green, Science

Louise Ward, Vocal Music
Ray Demeyer, Custodial
Arnie Schluchter, Custodial

Florence Kovalic, Secretary